christmas books with ARS EDITION

its going to be printed in rumania too :-)

                                                                    christmas 2018

                Der überraschende Weihnachtsbrief



the danish translation , already!!!
about this wonderful story : Christmas is coming soon and the forest birds are busy around the clock to distribute the Christmas mail. The little raccoon Puck looks after them wistfully. Because he wants nothing more than a letter of his own ...
The Wren also has a big Christmas wish: once to deliver a real letter ! The other animals think that he is too small and too weak for it. But maybe there is somebody who trusts him in this difficult task?

           Auf die Piste-fertig-los!-gebundene-ausgabe/c-30/p-11385/

and a live-book here

                                   Felix Neureuther together with Bastian Schweinsteiger - book
                                                  Felix- fox and Bastian-husky- very big, best friends
                                           at Herder Kerle Edition with the lector ,
                                                   Annemarie Boudart & Sinja Hundshagen  :-)
and myself

its published also in Russia , Ukraine, Finland and in Danemark, Slowenia  and Bulgaria !

 Книга "Вы и ваш ребенок" - Медвежонок и Новый год, А. Амрайн

Weihnachtsbuch / Ravensburger Verlag

                            Der kleine Weihnachtsesel

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